Core Values

“Brindley Technologies strength lies in our focus and commitment to deliver excellence and help you succeed using our core competencies in Systems Integration Services, Consulting, Analytics Solutions, Internet of Things Solutions, Legacy Systems, Mainframes Solutions, SAP Solutions, Payment Solutions and Product Engineering Solutions.

Brindley Technologies believes in continuously striving to achieve excellence both ON and OFF the job in any services and solutions we provide to our customers globally. We believe that our customers excel, we also excel along with them.”

– Ninaad Mehta, Founder & MD, Brindley Technologies.


Brindley Technologies will be recognized and respected as professional innovative, profitable information and knowledge based systems integrator, consulting, outsourcing, analytics and product engineering enterprise. Brindley Technologies embed’s in next generation solutions as well as legacy systems into tis internal operating structures and as business solutions for customers with customer, employees and shareholders interests at the core of its operations; demonstrating a clear concern for ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship; with the objective of growing into a regional and global player, with emphasis on the INDIA, Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East, GCC & Africa, Europe & UK, North America, Central America and South America regions.


To achieve our objective in an environment that fosters honesty, fairness, integrity and a single minded focus on the success of our customers. To direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business, and diversify into new areas that compliment and supplement the core business with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas. The Brindley Technologies and its subsidiaries people will be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and service; and recognize new trends at very early stages.


The core values that drive us

Customer Success
A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations and being an integral part of their success.

Integrity and Transparency
A commitment to be honest, sincere and transparent in our dealing with our customer, vendors, partners, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Excellence in what we do
-A commitment to strive relentlessly to excel in our services, solutions and products, our processes, our people and out technologies.
-Building long term relationships with both our customers and team members.
-We believe in putting customers at center of every stage of engagement.
-No compromise for QUALITY and INFORMATION SECURITY standards for any services, solutions and products we provide.
-We believe in “SOLUTIONS BEYOND BOUNDARIES” which would help many of our customers to get 24*7*365 service and reduce cost.