Employee Growth & Benefits

At Brindley Technologies, the culture of innovation and ideas offers employees huge opportunities by giving them the freedom to ideate and expand their boundaries and also lead as team players in proactively finding solutions and then leading their ideas to fruition.


Lateral Hires Training

The Induction program typically extends for 5-14 days for lateral hires. Essentially, it focuses on immersing new hires into the Brindley Technologies culture, philosophy and engagements. The engagement specific induction might extend from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the nature of the engagement.

Behavioral Learning and Development

Not only has Brindley Technologies identified roles at different employee levels, but also associated competencies desired to fulfill the demands of the roles. Several developmental initiatives are available to the employees across the organization. It helps in building and enhancing critical competencies for different roles through Professional Development, Leadership Development or Sales Learning programs. A unique learning road map approach allows employees and their reporting managers to identify needs and the training path they need to walk on. The courses are available in classrooms, webinars and e-learning formats which are in partnership with a top global virtual learning organization and helps employees to take up from anywhere in the world. These courses make way for greater reach and ease of access. All the programs are designed with the ultimate business objective in mind. And that results in enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and effective leadership transitions.

Career Connect & Talent Identification Program

Career connect lets you explore a range of opportunities available within Brindley Technologies across the globe. Here, only if you have completed 9 months, can you create your Career Development Program. You also need to complete 18 months with us to be eligible for the consideration. When completing your Career Development Program with your reporting manager, you can finalize 1 role that you aspire for, and guidance will be provided from your managers and experts to groom you for this role.

The Talent Identification Program, proactively seeks out Distinguished and Exceptional Performers within Brindley Technologies and charts them on a fast track trajectory. It is designed to identify ‘high potential’ individuals and provide them with a fast track career growth, thereby creating a high performance culture within the organization. Talent Identification Program is positioned not only as a Yearly Performance Appraisal discussion to gauge the employee’s achievements in the last 12 months, but also as a mode to assess if the person is ready for the next role as per the fast track program.