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The global trends in 21st century there will be more that 100 billions of devices connected to internet via mobile, which forces companies to implement mobile solutions that cover trends and needs of clients and users.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions is Brindley Technologies specialty in charge of providing tailored and native solutions that are executed directly from the mobile devices’ operating on various mobile operating platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, LINUX, UNIX) to obtain higher performance, better use of resources and low maintenance cost.

We offer a broad portfolio of services and products that include game development, electronic files, software factory, multichannel messaging SAP, ERP & CRM solutions, consultancy and resources assignment specialized in enterprise mobile technologies. We cover the needs of different sectors, like for instance: transport,financial, banking, insurance, manufacturing, entertainment, Augmented Reality, among others.

Our range of services include Enterprise APP Development, Enterprise Mobility Consulting, Enterprise Mobility Testing Automated and Manual and Enterprise Mobility Managed Service.


Enterprise App Development

Enterprise App Development
Brindley Technologies helps in app development, middle ware configuration and app implementation. We provide development, or configuration and implementation of mobility apps for ISV is and enterprises. Based on our solid background in enterprise technology coupled with market leading industry experience, we can help in tailoring the implementation within a short timespan. Areas where we can help include both consumer and internal business requirements. We help in

Development and implementation of a middle ware platform, including integration and development of front-end services
Development of API’s and hosting on premise or external
App development, implementation and configuration
Configuration and implementation of a 3rd party middle ware including building the integration with existing backend services
Building surrounding reports, administration console changes and app level customization is
Integration between different 3rd party products such as MDM and MEAP or a container with an app.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services

Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services
We provide consulting services in the area of enterprise mobility applications, devices and services. We provide services such as:

Custom market analysis and research –We can provide an understanding and map all the state of art technologies in mobility and provide a custom analysis that suits an enterprise requirement. These include several factors such as BYOD, security models, deployment models and server-side architecture stack.

End-to-end road map definition for enterprise-wide mobility rollout. This will make use of mapping different mobility services with specific enterprise requirements. We aim to sit with both business and IT people and bring in our understanding of technologies prevalent in the market. The road map spans across devices, consumers, employees, partners, IT infrastructure, enterprise software, networks and new app requirements. What you get at the end is your current maturity level and how would you procure or develop your mobility program in the long term.

Cloud apps and mobility implementation – Mobility has a strong link with cloud applications and we can help with defining a technology and implementation road map for building mobile front ends on cloud deployments. We can also help with high-level architecture for selection and deployment of cloud applications that are most suited for mobility deployments.

Specific implementation consulting – For those enterprises who have already zeroed on a specific mobility requirement, we can help with industry specific solutions using our expertise and drawing from our implementation frameworks. We can help with the designing the high level conceptual flow and conduct detailed analysis around stakeholder expectations, ROI and technical suitability.

Build, buy vs outsource decisions – We help in evaluating your requirements to arrive at the best course to procure and implement mobility products services. These could include either an outright purchase, internal development or outsourcing of certain activities in a hybrid sourcing model

3rd party Product and Vendor selection and evaluation. We can help defining your mobility requirements; do an analysis of existing infrastructure and help in identifying the future-operating model. Post this we can help in conducting tendering process and evaluating responses.

Training and change management – We provide training to employees for new roles involving mobility services. We also do change management workshops sensitizing employees and partners to the new ways of working involving mobility applications and devices.

Enterprise Mobility Automated & Manual Testing Services

Enterprise Mobility Automated & Manual Testing Services
Brindley Technologies helps enterprises in providing testing services for their native, hybrid and cross platform apps developed. We help companies setup as well as help them in enterprise mobility testing by setting up the test labs. We are the only company in Asia-Pacific, India and Middle East who is the partner of SOASTA and Cloud Foundry for providing automated test factory for testing mobile apps on smart devices.

Enterprise mobile apps testing are different from legacy web/portal or client server or any legacy application. We help clients to test the mobility apps on different parameters like touch, screen layout, response time, Virtual users vs. average response time, average response time by domain, max response time, Virtual users vs send rate, average collection completion time, average clip duration, bandwidth usage, bandwidth usage per domain, error count, errors by type over time, top N collections by error count analysis, url analysis, per process CPU percentage, per usage process virtual memory, per process thread count, per process memory usage, network Mbits sent and many more.


We provide best of the test automated as well as manual testing services for enterprise mobility apps on different platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and other.
We provide test factory solutions for any smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, phablets, digital diary, POS, digital remote control, digital TV and many more which uses native Java or Android apps.
We have a pool of skilled resources
Lower in cost and high return on your investment (ROI)

Enterprise Mobility Managed Services

Enterprise Mobility Managed Services
Extending our expertise into managing your post deployment headaches, Brindley Technologies provides entire range of support and maintenance services for apps, servers and devices. We provide services such as

Run and operate your mobility services such as campaign managers or notification services. Monitor services for SLA and escalate and act on any bottlenecks. We also help in defining the criticality and priority of such services that need high level and real-time support.
Providing software support and maintenance for existing servers and devices. Ensuring that are running up to the latest version and implementing new patches, as they are available.
Based on our experience with MDM tools, devices and apps we provide a detailed analysis of device and OS versions, out-of-support software, apps white list and error/crash reports.
Collection and reporting of overall usage by employees and partners on account of mobility apps and services.


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