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The constant requirement changes of an organization, as well as the lack of planning and global view of capacities, the scarce participation of areas involved and the absence of executive support causes ineffective expenses in solutions; these “half-way” solutions have a negative impact on the organization’s budget and prestige.

The main competitive advantages that sets us apart are our methodologies, specialized coaching and consultants-monitoring model who have made us a perfect ally for visionary executives, who are looking to have a high return on investment and flexible and quick attention before changes and business opportunities.



We have broad experience in BA (Business Analysis), a specialty aimed at understanding the organization’s structure, policies and operation, in order to recommend technological or business solutions (initiatives) and attain the goals. This specialty:

•Ensures an adequate delivery of quality services that suit the customers’ needs and objectives.
•Encourages collaborative work to establish business and technological solutions.
•Proposes successful strategies by detecting organizations’ opportunity and necessity areas.

Our BPM (Business Process Management) specialty focuses on the analysis, documentation and modeling of business processes, through the enterprise architecture tools, in order to have a complete view of the current organizational structure and align processes, data, applications and technological infrastructure with its enterprise architecture. In addition, we automate business processes to manage, monitor and generate results that positively impact on external and internal customers. This specialty:

•Optimizes time, costs and resources.
•Improves the quality of products and services.
•Reduces the implementation time of new business process.
•Integrates and accelerates orientation towards SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).
•Monitors in real time (BAM, Business Activity Monitoring).


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