About Us

Whatever your job is, Brindley Technologies designs and develops the most effective solutions to support your productivity at work. From banking, insurance, financial service, manufacturing, retail, government, automotive to aeronautics, in every industrial sectors, Brindley Technologies participates in each technological evolution by providing you the best tools, solutions and services.

From Directors Desk:

Brindley Technologies is one of the renowned brands in the Information Technology & Digital Technologies Sector. We are a multinational Systems Integrator company (IT / ITeS services, Technology, Outsourcing, Consultancy, Infrastructure / ICT and Product Engineering) with global headquarters in Bombay, India & Americas headquarters in New York, USA with customers in 130+ countries across wide range of sectors (Bank, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Government, Telecommunication, Aviation, Defense, Shipping, Logistics, Ports and Warehouses companies) providing services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers & Small and Medium enterprises.

Why Brindley Technologies:

· Customer first policy,

· We believe in creating a long term lasting partnership with our customers which is beyond projects and which drives our success story,

· Stringent information security management (ISO 27001 certified),

· PCI DSS compliance and certified for any banking, insurance & financial institution requirement for various projects,

· Well-defined process methodology and quality management (ISO 9001 certified for quality management, SEI CMMi level 3),

· We are partners to many top IT companies in the world like GE, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS, HCL Tech, Atos, Cap Gemini, IBM, Praxis, Orion, AVNET and many others.

· We are worldwide member of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC),

· We are one of the top partners of IBM Soft layer, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud helping many of the organization to migrate their applications and infrastructure to cloud and our data centers across the globe.

· A large client base including established companies like FWS, Praxis, BMC, IBPS, Dresser, Orion, AGS, EHC, IBM, SLB and many more.

· Products and Solutions which are easy to operate and customize,

· Highly skilled teams with onsite near-shore offshore model, delivery centers and management by seasoned IT experts,

· Lowest pricing for the IT services & consultancy services than other piers tier 1 and tier 2 IT companies.

· We provide white label and brown label ATM and KIOSK solutions.

· We provide Payment solutions & NFS SWITCH solutions.

· We are the manufactures of various KIOSK solutions providing complete end to end solutions.

1. Manufacturing of KIOSK like ATM (Cash Dispenser machine), BNA (bulk & single note dispensing machine), Payment KIOSK (for telecom, govt taxes, etc), Ticket KIOSK (airlines, railways, buses, cinema, amusement parks, etc), Gas / Petrol Station KIOSK (dispensing petrol and diesel), Information KIOSK and many others.

2. We provide complete 3rd party KIOSK testing services.

3. We provide KIOSK software solutions and many other services & solutions.

The Brindley Technologies Story

Brindley Technologies group of companies worldwide foundation was laid down in year 1996. The company has also diversified into Brindley Engineering(Architects Project Management Office, Construction) Worldwide and Brindley Investment, Hong Kong. From the beginning, the company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance lives through enterprise solutions. For over two decades, we have been a company focused on bringing to life great ideas and enterprise solutions that drive progress for our clients, employees & contribute to the process of country.

We recognize the importance of nurturing relationships that reflect our culture of unwavering ethics and mutual respect.

Brindley Technologies has a growing global presence with World HQ in Bombay, INDIA and Americas HQ in New York, USA with presences of customers in more than 130+ countries across the globe. Brindley Technologies also has a local presence in more than 15+ countries in Central America, South America and LATIN America through their operation in the US as well as Joint Venture Alliance with local global company Praxis as Praxis-BrindleyTech in the region. In Africa & Middle East in more than 60+ countries it has a Joint Venture Alliance with local company Crowe Horwath LLP, BCS International Holdings, Sky and Lakes to provide solutions to the clientele in the region. Brindley Technologies also has alliance with many top companies across the globe like IBM, Microsoft, AVNET, eBoaTech to name the few to provide their solutions and services across the globe.

At Brindley Technologies, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is why we established the Brindley Technologies Foundation – to provide assistance to some of the more socially and economically depressed sectors of the communities in which we work. And that is why we behave ethically and honestly in all our interactions – with our clients, our partners and our employees.

“Brindley Technologies strength lies in our focus and commitment to deliver excellence and help you succeed using our core competencies in Systems Integration Services, Consulting, Analytics Solutions, Internet of Things Solutions, Legacy Systems, Mainframes Solutions, SAP Solutions, Payment Solutions and Product Engineering Solutions & manufacturing of ATM, KIOSK & POS devices and providing end to end solutions related to ATM & KIOSK.

Brindley Technologies believes in continuously striving to achieve excellence both ON and OFF the job in any innovative & technological services, solutions and products we provide to our customers globally. We believe that our customers excel, we also excel along with them.”

– Ninaad Mehta, Founder & MD, Brindley Technologies.