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Brindley Technologies Smart Microchip based solution is designed to provide the next generation Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things based solution which can be provided to solve the problems of Defense by keep track of their most valuable assets (Human Capital – Soldiers) through GSP based smart microchip transponders and receivers monitoring system. It can also be used commercially in many other industries to resolve the problem of card theft, hacking, lost or stolen by implanting the smart microchip which is passive RFID based device. Once implanted, it can perform most of the task which we perform everyday by just waving your hand in front of the RFID transponders and receiver device.

We provide cost effective solutions to enterprises which want low risk associated. We ensure that they remain true to your enterprise standards, thus empowering you to be agile and increasing your business at a faster pace. Modernization with Brindley Technologies helps you align your business with the future roadmap and modernize your business applications, with negligible changes.

Brindley Technologies is a member of Smart City Council worldwide.



Brindley Technologies smart microchip implant technology is an sensor based integrated circuit device with RFID and NFC transponder capsule encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. The most suitable technology for the development of smart sensors is the passive RFID and NFC technology because of its battery-less operation, network interoperability and wireless capability.

A smart microchip typically contains a unique data that can be linked to information contained in an external database. Our solution provides complete solutions for healthcare, automotive, defense, employees, retail, banking, government industries and many others a highly secured and cost effective Internet of Things based solutions.

This smart microchip has a build-in GPS for a tracking the person as well as has a built-in NFC technology to perform various retail, banking and other official transactions where this microchip would be linked to his data.


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