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The way in which enterprises manage their applications is rapidly changing. Today’s enterprises must quickly react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace in order to remain competitive. Spurred by the opportunities of increased agility, uninterrupted service and reduced complexity, many CIOs and business stakeholders are looking towards new approaches for application management, searching for new ways to drive business growth.

Brindley Technologies brings years of experience in managing complex IT application and infrastructure environments offering a full set of Application Support and Maintenance solutions. We are consistently rated as a leading application services provider by leading analysts. With a presence in 51+ countries and a team of applications experts, we provide forward thinking organizations with transformational solutions to meet their individual business requirements.

Why Brindley Technologies?

We strive to achieve the zero incident status for all of our customers, taking the relationship beyond the contract through three values:

Visibility – Providing real-time visibility of current issues and a commitment to delivering against our client’s stated goals and objectives

Velocity – Eliminating non-value adds within the business by cutting down wastes and providing powerful automation and optimization across applications

Value – Simplifying the IT landscape through continuous improvement of our client’s application footprint and regular assessments towards reviewing current and target states, helping to achieve the target state through proactive obsolescence and self-funded transformation



Application Support Services

Application Support Services

Service Description

The rate at which technology develops and changes over short periods of time renders many applications either obsolete or most of their functionalities become redundant. Deploying newer applications to cope up with such a dynamic business scenario is not just complicated but is practically impossible too. Moreover, with more than 50% of IT budget being consumed in application maintenance and support, many a time application operational costs out do the capital costs.


Brindley Technologies uses technical expertise and hands on experience of its team to offer a range of application maintenance and support services. Our offerings include:

Define and Leverage – Gather requirements and define scope, set up governance structure, outline risks and mitigation, define SLAs and tolerance limits.
Assimilate and Transition – Create traceability matrices, induction and system manuals, pilot support model as needed, firm up communication plans, give a go-ahead for Support and Maintain Phase.
Support and Maintain – Production support, continuous enhancements, debugging support, integration and migration, functional support, optimizing and stabilizing applications; and software/application updates.


By offering cost-effective and technologically superior application maintenance and support services Brindley Technologies has been able to help its clients move with the times. The highlights of our services include:

Reduction in maintenance costs as well as year-to-year operational costs
Incident support and emergency support in least possible time ensuring minimum downtime
Preventive approach to strengthen overall application performance
Service Level Agreement (SLA) focused approach to enhance application as well as system life

Enterprise Systems Management

Enterprise Systems Management

The complexities arising out of working on legacy systems, managing multiple tools, integrating different vendor specific applications, consolidating information and data, and adopting most suited systems-monitoring tools are only a few of the factors which underlie the successful functioning of IT operations as well as consistent business outcomes.


Brindley Technologies Enterprise Systems Management services are oriented towards building and managing a tailor-made ESM strategy for the clients developed using the principles of industry standard enterprise management frameworks including ITSM. Our services range from initial assessment to development, deployment, monitoring and reporting of the ESM plan outlines spread across the entire IT environment.


Application Migration & Deployment Services
A dedicated team of Brindley Technologies experts with in-depth experience utilizes state-of-the-art ESM tools and solutions to offer our clients wide range of benefits including:

Incorporating industry best practices for streamlining operations and rationalizing overall IT spending
Adopting ESM tools for configuration management, system management and server management for ensuring compliance with different industry standard IT frameworks
Continuous assessment, monitoring, reporting and updates for maximum efficiency of IT operations

As the need to support more and divergent resources with lower costs rises companies are faced with the task of migrating from their existing IT infrastructure to a more advanced and economical IT environment. Moreover, the complicated process of migration and deployment itself is affected by technological complexities and uneconomical procedures.


Brindley Technologies offers Migration & Deployment services which adopt an innovative approach to transform your present system into a better and cost-effective IT environment. We provide for assessment of existing IT infrastructure, analysis to choose most suitable options and migration to various technologies including Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


By adopting an end-to-end delivery approach Brindley Technologies ensures that its Migration & Deployment services work towards strengthening your IT environment through smooth transition in an uncomplicated manner. Using our services leads to following benefits to our clients:

Enhanced performance and higher manageability of the existing systems at reduced costs
Latest technologies ensuring freedom from vendor lock on hardware and software
Greater scalability as well as better flexibility at the lowest possible costs
Improved capabilities for risk mitigation and resource management

Enterprise Systems Management

Application Managed Services
Organizations have a wide variety of needs which are met through a combination of hundreds of applications and software. The accompanying complexities of managing multiple applications and lack of control not only form a cumbersome process but also bring down the overall work efficiency and organizational productivity.


Brindley Technologies has extensive experience in successfully offering application management services for various applications across multiple platforms using different technologies. We offer industry standard ITIL based solutions for application monitoring, incident management and resolution, building test environments, code building and deployment, patch management and configuration management, web servers and application servers, legacy modernization and transformation.


Brindley Technologies adopts a uniform methodology framework to provide its clients full life cycle application management services. We offer management services for bespoke applications, off-the-shelf software, legacy systems and other SOA-based applications. Our services ensure for our clients various advantages which include:

Improving scalability even with changes and developments in technologies
Efficient management of applications which leads to better performance and increased productivity
Better overall resource management allowing more space for channelizing resources towards core objectives
Comprehensive single source services leading to reduction in operational as well as management costs

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Application Migration & Re-engineering
Moving mission-critical applications from legacy systems to advanced technologies and integrating the applications, databases and systems with the web are some of the biggest challenges companies face today. Not only that, such a transition must be absolutely streamlined to ensure the applications fit smoothly into the existing business model.


Brindley Technologies offers migration and re-engineering services and solutions ranging from migrating and upgrading applications and databases to mainframe integration and restructuring the existing legacy systems for leveraging the benefits of emerging technologies.
Our migration portfolio provides services

Migration analysis and assessment
Language migration
Operating system migration, architecture migration
Application data cleansing and migration, application porting and product scripting
User interface revamp based on information architecture and usability reviews
Reverse engineering, full application suite redevelopment


Brindley Technologies has a team of migration experts having extensive experience with legacy as well as latest software systems. Operating under a tested execution framework Brindley Technologies offers customized migration and re-engineering services to its customers. By transforming the legacy, mainframe and latest software systems we offer our clients numerous benefits including:

Removal of system bottlenecks to improve overall performance
Meet the higher scalability requirements of organizations
Taking care of rising complexities to ensure full resource utilization
Improve the functionalities as well as the user interface to make applications more useful

Our offering are:

Our Application Maintenance and Support model focuses on:

-Effective communication and continuous process improvement based on valuable feedback from the customer
-Strict adherence to policies form maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
-Immediate issue resolution and root cause analysis
-Efficient knowledge transfer to and from customer
-Skilled and experienced resources to improve maintenance operations focused on lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO)
-24/7 application support services and established matrix for help desk services

Brindley Technologies provides four levels of standard support to its customers: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4, as described below. At the same time, the standard scope of the support can also be customized as per the requirement of the customer.

Level 1: Incident Management -Issues are logged and routed to L2 by a dedicated helpdesk that works on the basis of a 24/7 application support services model.

Level 2: Problem Management – Minor issues helpdesk cannot resolve are handled by the L2 support team.

Level 3: Bug Fixes: Production issues that cannot be resolved by Level 2 support are escalated to Level 3. This includes a development team which provides small bug-fixes and workarounds.

Level 4 – Support is provided by senior engineers on more complex and effort-intensive issues. These issues may be treated as change requests or enhancements that require less than 40 hours of work.


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